Case Studies

Case Studies.

Diving into the world of property investment with careful planning and expert guidance can lead to remarkable outcomes. Join us as we share client case studies highlighting the benefits of strategic property investment, featuring properties acquired through inSynergy.

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Case Studies
My partner and I attend a workshop with inSynergy a few weeks ago. It was eye opening to say the least. We honestly thought we had a long way to go before we could start our property portfolio but Richard laid out the facts and possibilities for us clear as day. Richard definitely made us feel comfortable, as first time property investors, his down to earth attitude allowed us to speak freely and ask questions. Would highly recommend getting advice from an expert such as Richard and stop buying into all the doom and gloom the media would lead us to believe. Best investment we made during COVID!- Marissa, Sydney NSW
I have been reading Richard's articles in Peninsular living for a while and decided to arrange a meeting with him where he spoke to me for one hour, no obligation about property investing. He looked at what we had already done and showed me that there was potential to improve. We booked a day session and could not be happier with the information, evidence based,scientific analysis of property cycles, explained and then related to our situation. The amazing use of equity, I knew about basically but to have it explained so clearly was the best. We are looking forward to meeting more with the team at Insynergy and exploring our potential to work towards retirement. The future analysis is exceptional as well-my husband was blown away and relieved. I would and have recommended Insynergy to people who want to make calculated actions to improve their financial standing now and for the future.- Ann, Sydney NSW
We have been clients of inSynergy for almost a decade. By proactively monitoring our investment portfolio and leveraging dormant equity, inSynergy has helped us to purchase 6 investment properties to date, ensuring our financial security in the process. inSynergy has strong relationships with property developers, financial institutions, and legal firms, and uses these relationships to identify investments with strong growth potential, arrange financing and purchase property as part of a comprehensive service. What we have achieved with inSynergy in a relatively short period of time we would not have considered possible only a few short years ago. We are overjoyed with the financial results inSynergy has helped us to achieve so far, and we are confident that inSynergy will continue to help us improve our financial position into the future.- Anthony & Kristin, Canberra ACT
We made a strategic decision in 2013 to predominantly invest in property for our future security. We began working with inSynergy in early 2014. At the time we had 3 investment properties around Australia along with our home in Sydney. We have since restructured all our bank financing to make it work for us rather than the bank, purchased a new home and purchased two additional investment properties in Queensland - all with the guidance, help and support of Richard and his team at inSynergy. We have learnt a lot about how to maximise our borrowing capacity and the significant value of having our properties revalued regularly. We now have a substantial foundation for our future financial security. Richard, Natasha and their team have been a great find for us. They are professional, operate with integrity and expertise and provide useful, straightforward advice and assistance. They care personally about their clients, we enjoy working with them and we trust them to assist us in creating the best financial future we are able to based on our income, lifestyle and values. I have and will continue to recommend them to others. Thank you for being you.- Denise & Mike, Sydney NSW
We have been looking at getting an investment property for sometime but, wanted to make sure we made the right decision of where and when. We had been looking for YEARS but still had many questions. Richard and his team are definitely the 'go to' people to answer ALL questions, they are the experts hands down!<br /> After meeting with Richard & Raj, we now have no un-answered questions and feel confident to make our purchases. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking at investment property (even of they believe they are not ready yet) to go and see InSynergy and the team - they really do know their stuff!- Danika, Sydney NSW
I was introduced to InSynergy end of March 2018, I did the education workshop around the same time - absolutely loved it, I personally took a lot out of it and has given me a new perspective on how to invest in property and taught me how I can build a portfolio safely and map out the future years to retirement and beyond. We (my partner and I) are now at the next stage and about to settle on our first property together next week (I already owned one) - very exciting as I didn't think we were in a position to buy an investment but as explained in the workshop with the right strategy in place makes things a lot easier and very achievable without financial stress. I have worked very closely with Raj through this process who has really mentored me and been there for us if we've had any questions. Richard has set up quite the team and I look forward with working with them in the years to come.- Josh, Sydney NSW

Case Studies

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