Complimentary 60-minute consultation

In this session you will learn how to use the equity in your home so you can
  • Invest in high growth property with no cash
  • Set up cash reserve buffers to manage cash flow and reduce risk
  • Substantially reduce tax and your home loan
  • Improve your family’s wealth and financial security safely

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About The Consultation

At inSynergy, we understand that life can be busy and there are plenty of competing interests, many of which demand your immediate attention. However we also know that not planning can cost you millions of dollars in lost opportunity.

So to make things a little easier, we are offering a complimentary, no obligation consultation with inSynergy managing director and Chief Property Investment Advisor, Richard Sheppard.

No obligation | 60-minutes | One-on-one

This is an opportunity for you to pick the brain of one of Australia’s most experienced and respected property investment specialists. Ask specific questions about finance structure and property forecasts. Receive insight into historic trends and future predictions.

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About The Advisor

Founder and Managing Director, Richard Sheppard is the driving force behind inSynergy and has essentially developed a science of optimising investment returns from property whilst minimising risk. His passion for educating investors to be able to make informed decisions about property investment has driven a culture of knowledgeable, confident clients with a portfolio of proven assets.

Richard Sheppard

What’s In It For Us?

We find that when people have a consultation, they see how safe and simple property investment is and they often go on to book our five-hour Property Investment Workshop – a tailored education and strategy session, specific to your circumstances.

About inSynergy

inSynergy provides professional property investment education and advice, market research, specialised mortgage broking and buyers’ agent services. Our mission is to help everyday Australians achieve better returns with less risk from property.