Property Investment Downloads

This page provides access to a number of property investment resources to help you research and understand both the foundations and deep level elements necessary for successful property investment.

The Secret to COVID-Safe Investing
Download our FREE E-Book to learn how to manage and buy investment properties during COVID safely.
There is a cause for optimism in the current property market despite the COVID effect. Read to see where to invest now and why.
5 Investment Locations Poised For Growth In 2020
inSynergys latest research has identified five investment locations across the nation that are poised for price growth this year. The analysis found four capital cities and one major regional location as the best picks for investors in 2020.
Is This The Bottom Of The Property Market?

This guide looks into how COVID-19 has affected the property market in 2020. While COVID-19 has certainly pushed some property markets backwards, others like Canberra have not seen any such decline.

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So, where to invest next?

However, history shows us that as one Australian property market wanes, another emerges as an ideal target.

This guide will help you decide where to invest next by outlining the Australian city that is heading into a period of strong growth.

Sam and Kate Property Empire
How one couple turned $20,000 into a $6 million property empire – safely!

This case study analyses the property investment journey of inSynergy clients, Sam and Kate, who built a $6 million property empire before they turned 40.

From modest beginnings, the couple have invested wisely and structured their finances to quickly pay down debt and set themselves up for life.

6 Steps to Property Investment Success
The 6 steps to property investment success

This guide has been created as a tool to help investors optimise their investment returns from property.

It outlines six critical steps when creating a property investment strategy and provides insight into practice methodology and research to minimise risk and maximise returns.

how to identify hotspots InSynergyLR
How to Identify Property Investment Hotspots

Want to pick an upcoming boom town for your next property investment? This guide is for you.

Commissioned from industry leader, Ryder Property Research, the report outlines the tools, techniques, indicators that will help you pick hot spots BEFORE they boom.

Leveraging Lazy Equity

Over the 5 years to 2017, Sydney house prices grew by more than 70% meaning many property owners are sitting on huge amounts of equity. However some of those same people are also struggling financially.

This guide will walk you through how to leverage your lazy equity and safely invest in a high growth investment property, while also taking the pressure off your immediate financial situation.

Property Investment Workshop_Guide
Property Investment Workshop Guide

This guide provides full details and pricing of inSynergy’s Property Investment Workshop.

The workshop will show you how an investment property can cost as little as $50 per week and demonstrate how you can achieve stronger returns while minimising and managing risk and build a property portfolio to retire on.

Property In Super Guide
Property in Super vs Traditional Super: You could be up to $2M better off

This document provides insight and analysis of how you could be $2 million better off at retirement by using your superannuation to invest in property versus investing in a traditional Superannuation fund.

inSynergy Services Overview

Download our Services Overview in printable PDF format. Detailing all facets of our property investment advisory, management and mentoring services this document provides further insight into our offering – from strategy development to implementation and ongoing mentoring.