Specialist Investment Finance Broking

inSynergy offers specialised mortgage broking and finance services that help our clients safely build significant wealth.

Specialised Investment Finance Broking

Successful investors treat debt as a tool to build wealth rather than seeing it as a burden. This is an important mindset when creating your finance strategy.

Our advanced lending strategies, including finance and ownership structures, land and income tax minimisation, borrowing capacity optimisation and valuation maximisation enable the creation of substantial and tangible wealth – far over and above any one lender or standard mortgage broker.

Using Advanced Equity Strategies To

Grow Your Wealth

If you have more than 25% equity (this is, the difference between the value of your home and how much you owe on it), it’s considered ‘lazy equity’ and could be costing you as much as $50,000 a year in lost opportunity!

Property valuations are another area that can make or break an investment strategy. Unfortunately, valuations between lenders commonly vary by 5% and in some cases, up to an astonishing 25%. This is especially true if it’s a property being revalued to access equity. Putting that in perspective, for a $1 million property, it translates to a difference of $50,000 to $250,000, all because of contrasting opinions between a conservative valuer and a more confident one. We work with our clients to teach them method’s to legitimately get an appraisal that reflects a property’s true potential – something that can significantly increase your returns.


How to secure your loans separately and why this nearly always helps you make hundreds of thousands of dollars more over the medium to long term.


How to structure the ownership and borrowing to increase borrowing capacity, while reducing risk, income and land tax (this alone can save around $200,000-plus over 20 years in cash flow, which in turn can help you hold more property more safety and significantly increase returns).


Which lenders will allow you to make the most of this equity and how to effectively split your structure and strategy between these lenders.

Industry Accredited

inSynergy are full members of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia). The MFAA is Australia’s peak industry body for the mortgage and finance industry. Its members work hard to provide the best possible service and ethical standards.

Full details of our fees, charges and commissions for helping you obtain a loan or other credit product and how we meet our responsible lending obligations to provide credit suitable for you can be found in the inSynergy Credit Guide.

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