Lunchtime Learnings

As organisations seek new ways to attract and retain talented employees, we can offer an innovative solution with real benefits for their financial future.

Empower Your People

Whether leading a team or heading up an HR department, one of the most important things you can do to nurture and retain talent is to provide them with personal development opportunities. This can be anything from leadership training or building a new skill to simply pursuing a passion that inspires an employee in and out of the workplace. In our organisation, we understand the significance of staff empowerment strategies and lunchtime learning sessions.

That’s why we offer a range of innovative services to enhance employee growth and engagement, including workshops covering topics like learning about property investment and equity investment strategies. These initiatives not only improve staff productivity but also provide valuable insights into financial planning that can positively impact their quality of life. Additionally, our staff mentoring workshops offer one-on-one guidance and support, ensuring that each employee’s personal and professional development goals are met.

Let us help your team get financially fit

inSynergy offers staff mentoring services, including a free one-hour briefing that can be offered to individual teams or departments within your organisation. This offering covers the fundamentals of property investment, including historical property cycles, macro and micro property market influencing factors, and where, when and why to invest. We also discuss using advanced equity strategies to grow wealth.

Improve Productivity and Retention

It’s commonly known that employees who feel their financial security issues are being addressed by their employers’ benefit offerings are more engaged, productive, loyal, and in the best position to help grow your business.

Employee concerns over financial security can negatively impact company performance. For years, employers have improved their employees’ productivity through various means, including enhancing benefit offerings for employees and conducting staff mentoring workshops, all of which serve to improve staff productivity and, consequently, the employee’s financial fitness.

Financially Fit Staff

If you’re anything like us, you are constantly looking for innovative ways to add value to your staff, over and above a competitive salary and flexible working conditions.

One of the most powerful ways you can do this is by educating them to optimise their current salary and financial situation and help them plan for a better retirement.

• Would your employees like to know how to significantly pay down their mortgage, or pay it off completely in five to seven years?

• What if they had the funds to afford better education for their children to set them up for life, while still having enough equity to safely invest further or to help fund a medical or financial set back?

Finance Strategies for Maximising Wealth

For more than a decade, inSynergy has been working with people to help them understand how to create wealth safely, through property investment and advanced mortgage strategies.

Our clients are generally professionals, working in the SME or Corporate space – people who are time poor but want to learn how to safely invest in the Australian residential property market.

What’s In It For Us?

For those who are inspired by the briefing and would like further advice that is tailored to their unique financial and personal situation, inSynergy offers a half-day one-on-one Property Investment Workshop.

Richard Sheppard

About The Presenter

Founder and Managing Director, Richard Sheppard is the driving force behind inSynergy and has essentially developed a science of optimising investment returns from property whilst minimising risk. His passion for educating investors to be able to make informed decisions about property investment has driven a culture of knowledgeable, confident clients with a portfolio of proven assets.

Improve Your Employer Branding

If you’re looking for new ways to foster loyalty among employees and establish the organisation’s position as an employer of choice, please reach out to see whether our property investment briefing could help you fulfil these goals.

About inSynergy

inSynergy provides professional property investment education and advice, market research, specialised mortgage broking and buyers’ agent services. Our mission is to help everyday Australians achieve better returns with less risk from property.

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