Who We Are Not

Just as important as who we are and what we stand for is who we are not and what we don’t stand for. The property investment industry is not subject to the same scrutiny or professional standards as financial planning. As a result, the industry has seen a number of “spruikers” using questionable tactics and pushing dubious “investments”.

So let’s make a few things clear:

We Are Not Sales Agents

inSynergy does not conduct mass-invite “free property investment advice seminars” with a goal of selling high risk off-the-plan properties. While there are some excellent seminars out there, beware that many are geared towards selling property from a limited portfolio with one-size-fits-all solutions.

Individual circumstances differ and individual circumstances will largely determine what property investment strategy is best for you. Generic seminars make no attempt to determine that information.

This is also why we conduct one-on-one Property Investment Workshops and take the time to understand our customers’ unique personal and financial position and help them become financially literate before providing any advice.

That advice is based on ongoing reviews, analysis, scrutiny and comparison of independent market research.

We are also an accredited investment property buyer’s agent and regularly source high quality investment properties for our clients.

While there are fees for these services, there are no hidden agendas.

We Don’t Look Short Term

inSynergy has been advising people on their property investment strategy for over 12 years and our reputation is our lifeblood.

Some 70 per cent of our business stems from existing customers, who have either recommended us to their family and friends, or are returning to further expand their property portfolio.

So the success of our business relies upon our strategies working, upon our advice providing strong returns. Your success is our success.

We Are Not About High Risk Off-The-Plan

Our focus is to build your wealth safely and we are against any unnecessary risk, which includes investing in high risk property off-the-plan with a completion date of six months or more in the future.

That said, buying new property offers numerous financial benefits over buying existing property so, depending on your situation, buying off-the-plan may be the best strategy – as long as the appropriate checks and balances are in place.

Working with your accountant or financial planner we will clearly outline any potential positives and negatives of a particular property investment along with the science behind our recommendations.

We Keep No Secrets

Many property investment advisers will be secretive around their income structure. Investors are entitled to clear and transparent information from their advisor about how they are paid. We keep no secrets in that regard.

We Don’t Make Promises

Like all investments, real estate comes with risk. There are no guarantees and anyone who says or offers otherwise should be treated with caution.

We will not guarantee minimum rent returns, capital gains or otherwise. What we do guarantee is that our investment advice is based on a collation of the most recent and best possible research combined with finance strategies tailored to your individual circumstances.

Want to learn more about investing in Property? Get in touch with us today.

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