Personalised Property Investment Education & Strategy Workshop

The inSynergy Property Investment Education Workshop is a powerful, knowledge-based session designed to deliver investors a sound understanding of the fundamentals of property investment.

Workshop Overview

The one-on-one property investment workshop and planning session will teach you how to safely build a high-performance property portfolio and plan for future retirement. This property investment workshop is a stepping stone towards understanding the fundamentals of property investment and is designed to provide a robust foundation for your investment journey.

This workshop is specific to property investment and does not include advice about any other financial products such as managed funds or superannuation managed funds (other than property in Super). We appreciate that everyone will come to the workshop with a different level of understanding, so the content is adjusted to ensure the appropriate level of detail is covered. The workshop content can be tailored for first-time investors through to the highly experienced and runs for 4-6 hours.

What’s Covered?

  • Overview of the property market, including historical growth rates, rental returns, vacancy and interest rates for all the major Australian property markets, plus conservative forecasts from the best property economists in Australia;
  • Detailed, yet simple and clear explanation about investment property cash flow, including how a $500,000 investment property will usually cost less than $50 per week, even when interest rates are at 7%, and what to do if they increase;
  • Investment property market research insights to equip you with the necessary knowledge on prevailing market conditions and future projections.
  • Why an interest only loan is so much more powerful than principal and interest loans, and how to use them to best effect;
  • How to effectively and safely use equity to buy successive properties;
  • What value properties produce the best return on investment and why;
  • Why and how to use research to source high growth property for the short, medium, and long term;
  • Identification of property investment risks and how best to manage them;
  • How to minimise income tax and avoid land tax;
  • Introduction to our comprehensive modelling tool (our Property Wealth Planner) that maps your current and future portfolio against various future growth and interest rates and helps you create your property wealth and future retirement plan.

What’s Included?

  • A pre-assessment of your financial situation, property values, equity, and borrowing capacity across the best property investment lenders during a property investment seminar; This seminar aims to prepare attendees for a more fruitful discussion during the workshop.
  • Recommendation of strategies to optimise your current finance and property portfolio including debt structure that will improve cash flow, minimise interest and mortgage insurance, improve borrowing capacity, reduce tax and reduce risk;
  • Sample cash flow analysis for potential investment property acquisition;
  • A copy of all notes, sketches, and models produced during the workshop.
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