Property investment strategy and implementation

Strategy & Implementation

Once the Property Investment Workshop has been completed, we then move on to creating a detailed 2 to 5-year property investment plan individually tailored to each investor’s unique circumstances and financial goals. This plan puts in place the immediate actions identified in the workshop and may include restructuring of existing debt to free up equity and optimise your cash flow and, if appropriate, the acquisition of investment property.

In addition to the property investment plan, we also create a longer-term comprehensive strategy using our unique Property Wealth Planner that maps your current and future portfolio against market variables right through to retirement.

inSynergy will then work with you to implement the plan including our bespoke investor finance broking services. We help you source high-growth investment property that meets our strict, risk-adjusted criteria and liaise with your other advisors such as accountants, financial planners, and lawyers to ensure the strategy and plan consider and integrates their advice.

What’s included?

Planning Stage

  1. Optimised lending and banking structure, including:
    • Best use of offset account/s, credit card/s, lines of credit, fixed and variable rate loans;
    • Lending structure to support optimised ownership structure, while minimising interest cost and maximising tax benefits;
    • Optimised use of leverage, borrowing capacity and buffer/reserve funds, while avoiding or
    • Minimising mortgage insurance to achieve the appropriate risk managed return on investment.
  2. Recommendation of ideal purchase price range to support diversification and return on investment
  3. Optimised ownership structure to minimise income and land tax
  4. Before and after tax cash flow analysis including sensitivity analysis to variables and risks such as higher interest rates; Advice on appropriate use of tax variation/s;
  5. Property portfolio plan “live” worksheet showing acquisition path under different growth projections and core variables, from plan commencement to post retirement;
  6. Property risk assessment and management plan;
  7. Liaison with your other advisors such as accountants, financial planners and lawyers to ensure strategy and plan considers and integrates their advice.

What’s included?

Implementation Stage

  • 5 hours of face to face meetings;
  • 15 hours of telephone and email support to guide you through each phase of the plan, step by step;
  • Recommendations and liaison with pre-qualified property service providers such as quantity (depreciation) surveyors, building inspectors and property managers;
  • Liaison with your other advisors such as accountants, financial planners and lawyers to ensure plan integration and implementation.

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